The Cleveland Hustle

I see thousands of people who support forcibly impregnating young girls to gain entry to the United States litterbugging their way to freedom from oppression? Does anybody know how that looks? Thousands of miles of trash left by poor people wanting to move to a place where everything is free? How do poor people createContinue reading “The Cleveland Hustle”

You Don’t Question

You don’t question. That’s the problem with the blind faith of religion when it encroaches upon other living animals. You commit mass murder. Holocaust after holocaust forever in the name of your God. Why wouldn’t you question? Because what you’re doing may be considered wrong? In fact you know it is, but what’s God goingContinue reading “You Don’t Question”

Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money?

74 years under Jewish occupation Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money? Like in cowboys and Indians? Nobody does that any more. It was gone with the wind. If settlements are now outlawed in the USA, then the USA cannot in good faith support them elsewhere in the world. Well, I guess we do. We also claimContinue reading “Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money?”

Preamble Amble Postamble

Preamble Amble Postamble The Biggest Scam Of All Time The Jews have been saying forever that they don’t care if the whole world doesn’t like them. So why when a non-Jew claims not to like Jews do they get crucified for it and called anti- Semitic? They get their lives ruined over it. Why.

Evolutionary Sequences

EVOLUTIONARY SEQUENCES Evolutionary Stages: Don’t Let The Boring Title Fool You Watch Out That You Don’t Evolve In the Wrong Direction. We don’t all evolve at the same rate, pace or in the same way or time. Different regions don’t necessarily go through the same sequence of change.

All we know is they’re still alive.

All we know is they’re still alive. Both of them. They’re inside. It’s snowing like hell. God’s way of keeping those rock-dum hudggers from hudgging at bars and taverns. Hudgging (new word). Hudggers, Hudgging means people who huddle and hug in public. Huddle more than hug. Hug is part of the process though. They’re @Continue reading “All we know is they’re still alive.”


THE JEWISH VOICE It alarms me when Jews, worldwide, speak in a collective voice, instead of a patchwork of differing opinions more representative of a free society where differing views are respected and reported. I call them Jews because they want to be called Jews, because they define themselves by their Jewishness. When a groupContinue reading “THE JEWISH VOICE”


THE LAST BIG THOUGHT by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight The only benefit you’ll get by reading anything I write twice, or by looking at anything I create more than once is that you’ll see more detail. At some point the power of the secret needs to be shared in order to become more powerful.

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