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Do You Have The Will to Unraise Yourself?

It’s difficult to unraise yourself. Your most formative years are beyond your control until you come of age and even then, your elders often have the last word.

Until you rebel. And that isn’t easy either, to go against the grain of family and culture, friends and associates, religious and educational groups to which you belong – political parties too. How will you vote; is it any body’s business, too scared to be honest? What fears you? Isolation or worse, much worse?

That’s the problem people have throughout life – dealing with effects of early negative influences that became deemed as normal – even esteemed as a right to live your life as you see fit, not as some government, religious or educational system dictates.

It’s becoming clear that this melting pot we call America has too many layers of culture-based politics, creating the potential for inter-group warfare. It seems destined, coming out of Africa the words of annihilation by those calling the creation of white people an abomination a mutation that needs eradication.

Being so close to Britain one can see the threat as real. Creating racial unrest in America against fascism seemed so bizarre at the time given that most Americans don’t speak in fascist terms. It becomes more easily understood as a disruption to sway the focus to America away from Britain – doesn’t everybody love to hate Americans? One doesn’t hear the same about Britain, even though they are primary suspects when global disruptions do occur.

The government media now needs to support and foster individual thought so that this suicide by the masses, that has a neural route already activated by massive spontaneous mob behavior witnessed in real time around the world, doesn’t become a reality.

We’re much too close.

That’s what people live for – those few seconds. It’s all about working to achieve sublimity – it’s rare, but worth the work and wait.


Where did all those stars come from? Are they collapsed planets? What made the planets collapse on themselves and become hard enough to burn so bright? If you’re seeing a star that’s a billion light years away, it seems that by the time you actually see it, it may actually be gone.

FEELING LONGEVITY – a first for me

I said to Steve, “thirty years ago we were already married twenty years”. WOW. That’s the biggest longevity feeling I’ve ever physically experienced when spanning the fifty years or so – this is 11-07-2022 Monday.

Twenty-one years ago 9-11? Twenty years ago. Plus. What happened to twenty of my years?

Then it’s OVER.

Is it really over though?

Why doesn’t anybody know?

Not even one person?

What are the odds of THAT?!

I have the sole rights; I have the soul writes. Both looks like.

If you erase history there’s nothing to learn from mistakes not recorded.

If I go back and alter my writing to fit my style of today, I’ll be writing a lie. That’s not how I wrote back when. Seeing something from yesteryears through today’s prism isn’t accurate either, since it was created long ago, when the conditions were different. Either way; it’s timeless or timely. Time will tell.

There’s always a context within what we create. You don’t start from nothing. There’s always something related that preceded it (whatever ‘it’ is).


If it comes from an animal it’s not animal-free. They need to ditch that name before someone takes them to court over it. You still need to keep stables of animals to garner their cells. The rich people will get the real cow (grass fed supposedly while giving up their cells to grow them in a laboratory separate from the body of the target animal) and the poor people will get the laboratory cell meat.

IT IS NOT, NOT ANIMAL-FREE. You know, it’s like vegans calling eggs and dairy vegetarian. Neither comes from vegetables, but they persist in the lie, just because it’s a word someone made up when it was too difficult to go without milk and eggs, so asking them might not get a truthful answer.

ANIMAL-FREE doesn’t have to be all plants, but it cannot contain animal, any part of the animal, that is used to grow animal meat in a laboratory from the cells of the animal. TELL THE TRUTH and there will be no ambiguity. CALL IT SOMETHING OTHER THAN ANIMAL-FREE. They already know what they’re doing won’t fly if they call it something it isn’t. Debating it won’t alter the truth. Debate is meant to sway facts, which means accept that which should not be accepted.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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