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This Loving Animals Thing

From a distance, sure, as long as I can’t smell them. Horses are beautiful on video/movies running free, but I don’t want to be in the barn with them. I couldn’t tolerate the smell. I’ll go to bat for them when needed, but at a distance. Barns scare me – as they should everybody. Nothing good going on in a barn – anywhere. Locked up animals, can’t breathe, can’t see beyond the next one’s shoulder or tail, where’d my kids go. This wasn’t part of the deal. Remember to treat sweetly those workers on four legs? THAT DIDN’T INCLUDE SLAUGHTER or STEAL their MILK ’cause your MAMA CAN’T FEED.

I can’t breathe, breathe through your mouth, WHAT? I’ll use my nose I silently minded to myself, keep the stink out of my mouth – there’s hairs in my nose, not my mouth.

Humans shouldn’t really want to be spending time in the barn with the farm animals destined for slaughter. Humans really shouldn’t be in the same room with those they’re raising and leading to a violent death.

Why is the animal penned up in the first place? Storing your steak and milk for the winter?

didn’t think of canning or freezing your crops this year?

Yeah, but you know that goes to the cellar stash in case of a pandemic or nuclear attack.

Yeah, don’t wanna to be eatin’ radioactive or virus infested steak and eggs.

Blah…milk. We can get that in a can, but the wife says no.

In emergencies with rations, animal content makes us take more than our share, then fights ensue – OVER THE MEAT AND MILK. Who should get it. Blood thirsty? Flesh happy?

Geez, she talks like that?

Naw. Sort of. She’s in charge of the bunker. I’m the after party.

Men get the meat, women the milk. They can cook with it. I need to CHEW!!

not in my house

You’ll need two cellars for that.

Yeah, I figure save on electric – canned and dried everything.

Not the meat though? Can the meat man.

Naw. You know how that goes. It’s not worth the fight.

Don’t forget to make it taste good – so when you survive you can at least say you were the finest fed family on the planet.

Gourmet canned meals every night. Right out of the can – on a plate though, garnished, and drizzled to perfection. Sharon serves like a restaurant – even to herself. She shared that in common with Joan Rivers. Of course Joan Rivers wasn’t animal-free.

No, no. I said gourmet, not government. Okay?

The Monkey House at the Zoo at Forest Park Springfield, Massachusetts. Everybody seemed to meet there. Huge cages, I never saw ceilings so high. Sky windows open the roofs. Lots of swing room, and they swang a lot. Geez, they never stop masturbating. It’s a thing with them. Before, during and after and thinking about it before and thinking about it after is all part of the swing routine. Think, jerk, think, jerk, swing, jerk, swing, jerk…what’s the point? They connect everything to sex. I mean everything.

I couldn’t stay as long as the others – the stink was too overwhelming. Hey, it’s not that they didn’t keep their cages clean – they looked clean to me. It was them, the monkey smell. Really potent stuff. Hope nobody’s exploiting them for their stink. Eh, conscience-free scientists will find a way. What are they going to do, force people to like a smell they don’t like?

Overactive anal glands from too much friction.

Someone did a test once on monkeys. They attached something to their chests that when pushed gave them an orgasm. Monkeys won’t stop pressing the button – till death actually – with some – at least enough to design a study after it.

OMG how’d I end up in Cleveland, Ohio?

You mean, The Monkeys Delivered Me?

STOP EXPLOITING MONKEYS for the sake of curiosity.

STOP EXPLOITING MONKIES for any reason. Curiosity isn’t good enough. No reason justifies the enslavement, torture and death of another.


1 – WHY NOT INVEST IN ANIMAL-FREE all over the planet – in every country. Build your economies on something that DOESN’T SUFFER?

2 – INVEST IN ANIMAL-FREE all over the planet – in every country. Build your economies on something that DOESN’T SUFFER.

This little book reminded me of Matt Lauer from the Today Show who needed sexual stimulation of seeing a woman’s bare breast in order to write. He’d get tongue tied in the mind and tell whoever was in the room to lift their blouse to fix it.

Guess that type of monkey behavior did not get rewarded long term. I saw someone at the tavern do that to a guest the other night. The bar maid lifted hers. The guy said, hey I’ve got this mental fixation. She knocked it out with a lift of the blouse. Went about like nothing just happened.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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