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Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money?

74 years under Jewish occupation

Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money?

Like in cowboys and Indians? Nobody does that any more. It was gone with the wind.

If settlements are now outlawed in the USA, then the USA cannot in good faith support them elsewhere in the world.

Well, I guess we do. We also claim not to torture, so we send people to be tortured to countries that sanction it. Black sites. aptly named. concentration camps for those we regard as a threat to our existence.

Oh, you mean they are not outlawed? Why has no one discussed that? Yes or no. Oh, the Jews have the last say in what’s published about them in the USA? Other countries too? They edit other people’s work? Oh, you mean their people write about their people, so it is not unbiased news. It is biased, thus prejudicial and if the written word is already out there, then it becomes discriminatory.

You mean I can go onto anybody’s piece of property where they own a home and settle my family? Or do I have to be a Jew to do that? Only Jews can settle anywhere in the world?

I can do that on Indian Reservations too? If I’m a Jew can I settle on an Indian reservation in the USA as an individual occupier? Is that legal? Stop laughing. We’re talking lives and rights here.

The settler-Jews claim Palestinians don’t pay rent, so they don’t have to either. Mortgages don’t exist in Palestine?

Even so, that does not give the settlers the right to upend other settlers. If at all, then find vacant land. 

Are the Indians in America, settlers, originally? A settler is a settler. They didn’t drop out of the sky, or grow up from seeds planted in the soil. So the Indians occupied, thus owned all of North, Central and South America? They didn’t pay rent either, right? Who would they pay it to? The Chief? The Council? Somebody has to steal occupied land or claim vacant land first, then divide it into lots and make them into rentals or rent to own ranches, farms, homesteads.

Who do the settler-Jews upend? Only Palestinians? That’s discrimination. If Palestinians are also settlers, then why don’t the settler-Jews upend other Jew-settlers? Why target unfairly the settler-Palestinians only? That’s still discrimination. Sounds like a hate crime to me. Equal upending rights required if upending is morally acceptable.

My home is my castle. My homestead is my castle.

Russians have a homeland. Palestinians have a homeland. Jews refuse to call themselves Palestinians, so the Land of Palestine is not homeland to the Jews. Jews are Nomads. They travel around the world, set up camp, live for a while, then bust the camp up and move on to the next location. Are the Jew-settlers going to claim occupier rights wherever they set up camp?

Where do the settler-Jews upend? Pick a region any region? On the Israeli self-designated stolen land or the disputed territory land?

Oh I see, so the disputed territory is where the newcomer Jew-settlers choose to roost? Instead of on the more conveniently located-near-all-services etc. Israeli side. That’s discrimination. That’s intentional harassment toward a specific demographic of settler-people, the Palestinians. ‘We want their land, not the land of milk and honey next door. It is written in the bible and the Jews wrote it. It is our deal with God. 

What did you offer in return? Nothing. Who is your landlord? If it’s God, that means you live free? No taxes either? A deal denotes a negotiation. If one fails to keep their end of the deal aka covenant, the deal/covenant becomes null and void. Ask any Jew-lawyer. Ask any non-Jew lawyer.

So the only place on earth that Jews could pull that off was in Palestine? So God was segregating you from all other Human populations by offering you free rent, sort of like Adolf Hitler offering you free land for services rendered? That’s discrimination. Looks like your God treated you like second class citizens.

What century are they living in now? The Jews claiming occupier rights to Palestine, who do you think I’m talking about? It is important to know from which century or status of empire to negotiate from, when the negotiations begin.

When the world says no preconditions, to the Jews, that means no preconditions after the initial conditions they set. There are layers, like those Russian dolls. The Brits will claim the orthodox Jews are centuries behind everybody else, so they have to go through the same process as the rest of the world went through, which means they will never catch up. Again I say, no they do not have to go through anybody else’s process. It is a statistical lie told by governments to keep people in the cave.

The Jewish Majority government bulldozes the houses where primarily Russian-born settlers want to settle in Palestine.  The Jewish Majority (JM) always finds a way, an excuse, a reason, to which the rest of the world should throw their hands up into the air in an exasperation response, not surrender. Worried about hurting JM feelings as they enslave, torment and/or shoot to kill any dissenters? The JM calls the Palestinians occupiers. Imagine that. Occupiers on their own land of Palestine. The map is in the back of every bible. Not for long they say. Looks like all humans are occupiers.

So, the Jews wrote the bible, didn’t sign it, then made up this global rule that no one could call a Jew a Jew, so essentially they didn’t exist. And they’re worried about an existential threat from outside the tribe? The Jews wrote the bible; the Jews can change the bible; it’s their story, after all. It is a story though. Many stories about many people, not that many though. No half-Jew wrote that bible unless they were half Brit.

Russia has close ties with their own people, no matter their ideologies. Russia encompasses a huge swath of the globe, albeit most of it uninhabitable. That’s where Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu suggested as a plan of relocation for the Palestinians in Palestine, so the JM could have all of Palestine. Just airlift the indigenous people out of Palestine and plant them in Siberia, like they were vegetation. Plants. 

Who made the laws/rules at the United Nations governing occupation by a foreign power? Who wrote them up? One might think that after the bad experience with the Romans, and the British, that the United Nations would have outlawed occupation by settlers or militaries and that the Jews would not copycat an outdated, perverse and supremacist strategy to steal land, right from underfoot of the Palestinians, and claim it as theirs. That strategy didn’t work out very well for the Natives in America, all on reservations out of sight, out of mind.

Revisit those occupation laws at the United Nations. Ban occupation by foreign entities. They only serve one purpose – to keep the world at war. These settlers aren’t immigrants fleeing oppression.

They are the oppressors.

If they were fleeing oppression, they would flee to safer places. They were entering Palestine as occupiers, calling themselves settlers to fool the world as to their intent.

Occupiers eventually leave; they have no such plans to leave nor to work with the Palestinians on anything of value. 

Do the settler-Jews pay rent? If so, then why did the JM government entice them with free land offers to coerce them to leave their Russian homeland?

Russian Jews have a homeland; it is Russia. British Jews have a homeland; it is Britain; Brazilian Jews have a homeland; it is Brazil. American Jews have a homeland; it is America. Stop participating in the governments of all these countries if you do not call where you live home.

Mormons are not a country. Quakers are not a country. Hindus are not a country. Sikhs are not a country. Muslims are not a country with a land designation. They are joined at the heart, as are Jews. That’s the deal God really gave you. I know you know.

The Jews want nation status – to be a separate nation within all other nations, like the Holy See is to Rome – that’s their goal. Yet they deny Palestinians their right to Nation status. That would be like denying America nation status as long as Jews occupy a portion of it. Or like denying Britain a nation, as long as Jews occupy it. They’ll say Palestinians already have a country. Where? In Palestine? That’s a lie. A country is self-determined and not under the rule of occupiers claiming they own the land of Palestine, calling it Israel.

Jews can’t tell Palestinians that they’re Arab. Palestinians decide who they are. That’s gross manipulation to give a population of people a name that you want for them to benefit you, not them. You went too far, you go too far, you’re going too far.

The Jews now in all publications (that they have control over in global venues) call Palestinians Arabs, which means they belong to a much larger group than do the Jews. The Jews thought that would make the world pity them more, being so small in numbers compared to the massive number of Arabs. All it did though was make the Palestinian case for statehood even stronger. Their numbers are bigger than the Jews in the same region, much bigger. Hardly noteworthy if it weren’t that they house several nuclear weapons on Palestinian territory. If they really are in the sea, underwater, under guard, then they are either in international waters, or the waters off the coast of Gaza, over which Gazans should have political control, since it borders their land.

If all Jews worldwide are welcome to come live in Israel on the Land of Palestine, then Palestinians who were driven from the Land of Palestine by the Jews have the same right of return.

The Jews want airspace control over Palestine and water control off the coast of Gaza. That still amounts to occupation.

The USA tells people, groups or countries what they don’t like about them and expect them to change their ways if they want assistance from the USA. The USA needs to do the same with people they like, who act in the same ways that people they do not like act. When a country has different rules for different people, that is discrimination. 

Saying something is ‘not helpful, or ‘they know what they have to do, kicks the can down the road. It’s a lazy way out, saying ‘take care of it yourselves, while leaving the oppressed to the whims of the oppressor. The USA acts like the Lord of the planet, then when people respond to the Lord in its Lordship ways, the USA dumps their Lordship responsibility on the shoulders of the subjugated people – the ones asking – or the ones expecting help. Ask and they own you forever. Is that a JM strategy or everybody’s strategy? Is that the Lord of the Planet’s way of handling its subjects through the mishandling of its subjects?

I think the world is ready to solve their own problems absent any promises any side must make to appease the USA.

The British can wait forever. That is their flaw – the way they stay stuck in their own self-designed elitist caves and by their own self-inflicted wounds to insulate them from the Natives. But do they act non-native enough to inspire confidence in a plan that helps all sides, instead of all contributors looking for a payout down the road of the plan’s success? Nobody really wants a person(s), a body, an institution or a government to be like themselves. They want a better-in-all-categories entity to handle their affairs, honestly, but mostly in their favor, because everybody really does regard themselves as more special, thus more deserving, even if in peculiar ways, than their brethren.

My mother always made six pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a whole pie for each of us – our favorites. Mom, Dad, four kids. Each pie was divided into six slices. What we did with our slices was our business. Trade or barter or keep. Apple, cherry, chocolate cream, pumpkin cream, lemon meringue, mincemeat. Dad’s favorite was apple, so he got that one – all to himself. He didn’t barter or trade. We kids did that. It was fun – Mom joined in too. Mom’s holiday pies turned into a holiday event and eventually a tradition.

If a plan does not excite, one can be sure it is a bad recycling job of old plans that nobody wanted or a plan so riddled with detail that the plan implodes itself by its very design. ‘In ten years this will happen – I can stop right there. No way that is going to work – presenting a plan already presented too many times. It’s already been seventy-four years of procrastination, while the Jews ate up most of the prime real estate in Palestine. No, it will not work this time. No it won’t. More land was added to the Jews and taken from the Palestinians in the meanwhile. And the while was by all means, cruel. That was not supposed to happen, but they did it anyway, right under the noses of the entire world.

The JM took way, way, way too much land already. It is time to give back. Ariel Sharon said he knew they would have to do that some day. That day is now. It doesn’t matter that he is now passed on. His word is his bond. If the Jews can go back thousands of years to justify anything and expect the world to believe its authenticity, when there is no record of it, when no one remembers accurately, then the words of Ariel Sharon spoken as a legacy, on tape in multiple venues are valid proof of the commitment by the Jews in Palestine/Israel, or whatever they’re going to call it next week to their advantage, for a fair living arrangement for all. No one’s survival is more important than the other’s survival.

The settlers are occupiers of land that was not theirs to occupy. Ariel Sharon knew that. The war had been long over, when occupiers continued to flow into Israel, then be escorted to disputed territories to occupy land that was already settled by the Palestinians who had birthrights from multitudinous centuries before. These individual occupiers were not and are not legal under the most liberal interpretations of the occupation laws/rules of the United Nations.

Part of the problem is the United Nations and what they call legal and illegal. They cannot make up their minds. And some people knowing the settlements are illegal say that it is not, only because saying it was illegal did not result in change. The result of a law cannot determine its legality or illegality or authenticity. If the law did not produce change as was intended, change the law, don’t change the interpretation of the law. The USA always stood with and voted for Israel, so no matter how many crimes against humanity and nature they committed, it didn’t matter. By the United States voting with Israel on all matters relevant to the Jewish Occupation in Palestine, the Jews were able to keep growing the occupation commensurate with the projected birthrates under non-occupied conditions, by enticing more settlers to come to the Israeli self-designated part of Palestine to occupy disputed Palestinian territories.

From there it is all about semantics used to let the JM keep doing what they are doing.

The war of 1948 was an illegal war. A military against civilians is considered by the United Nations, and the entire world to be a legal war? What was fair and square about that Donald Rumsfeld?

Who makes these international laws to benefit oppressors and aggressors that de-benefit the oppressed? Keep them locked into a land mass and not call it prison?

The so-called war was not about a disagreement in policy; it was not a war about displacing a government body. It was not a coup. Then what was it? A civil war? 

A land grab, supposedly Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany, promised to the Jews if the Jews worked his war-time factories. So the United Nations and all world leaders believed without a doubt, that Hitler promised the Land of Palestine to the Jews in Europe. Which country in Europe? Hitler had factories all over Europe. Or did he not? Oh, all Jews, worldwide. Hitler did that for them? All Jews – he gave them the gift of their own country called the Land of Palestine in exchange for menial work at his factories? Not to denigrate menial work, but…a country in payment for services rendered? Hitler did that?

Did Hitler tell them what to do about the Palestinians living on the Land of Palestine? Oh, so that’s where they got that Siberian scenario? The British essentially left Palestine wide open for the Jews to take over when Britain de-occupied Palestine.

Did Jews back then and do Jews today realize that Adolf Hitler was an occupier? Thus the comparison of Jews occupying Palestine to Adolf Hitler is a valid one.

The Jews in Palestine became occupiers, thus Hitler? How about Britain? Wasn’t all that colonizing they did the same as occupying somebody else’s land? Was not the British occupation of ninety-percent of the world a form of white supremacy? Nazism? Colonialism they called it. Change the name, shift the focus.

If the Jews were already in Palestine, how could they become occupiers of where they already lived?

Occupiers come from the outside, not the inside. Were concentration camps called countries? Did not the Jews come directly to Palestine from the concentration camps around Europe and Russia post WWII?

Palestine was similar to Lithuania being ruled by many different governing bodies and countries throughout time. What does that mean? Does that mean Palestine does not have the right to self-determination without being under the oppressive thumbs of the Jews? Did not Lithuania have the right to self-determination without being under the oppressive thumbs of the Soviet Union or Poland or Germany, or Russia?

Because Lithuanians did not take up arms to be free, they were denied freedom by the entire world that turned its collective back. They followed the tenets of non-violence to achieve peace as institutionalized by Martin Luther King Jr.

What does orthodox mean, that one can oppress others with impunity? Because they cannot stop themselves? And these cannot-stop-themselves people have a nuclear weapons arsenal that remains undeclared. And the world is alright with that.

It’s time to stop fearing Jews and what they’ll do if the world holds them, as they hold everyone else, accountable for their actions. There are Jews in every country who can blackmail and extort political and business figures to get preferential treatment in any endeavor that involves their Holy See plans.

The Jews became the second largest occupiers on the planet, next to the British. They occupy everything, not only land. Minds too. They control the books, so they occupy all finances, though one would be hard-pressed to prove it. Nobody, out of fear, would want to. They would be blocked at all junctures up and down the chain. They would not have families by the time they reached the second link.

It really is not complicated. Those who want to make it such are conducting themselves in ways they ought not to do.

The occupation of Palestine by Jews post WWII has lasted too long. Palestine was not in that world war. Nobody had a right to divvy up the Land of Palestine without the consent of the Palestinian people. The world now is privately wishing the Jews had stayed in Europe after the war. Why did they have to come here? Look what they have done. 

Adolf Hitler told them work sets them free. But the Jews now claim that they did not work at those camps. There were no factories. So it was all a lie told so they could occupy Palestine? Seeing Palestinians as weak, they exploited that weakness. Palestine did not have a military.

They wanted a country and they took one. Terrorizing the Palestinian population into fleeing to neighboring states is terrorism. Peace-loving people don’t do that. They are not that calculated. Imagine, when your new neighbor moves in across the street, they have a plan to own your house? That happens in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. They make life miserable for you until you move out. That’s not neighborly behavior. But who said they make good neighbors?

Let us take care of the Palestinians they say. Would the Jew-settlers or any Jew for that matter, agree to let Hitler take care of them?

Seventy-four years of occupation. The JM never had any intention of ending it. Everything they said to appease whomever was a lie.

Occupation by a foreign power. That’s what occupation means. If the Jews were the indigenous people of Palestine, then they weren’t a foreign power. So the Jews changed the definition of occupation to suit themselves. Did the United Nations comply?

Does the United Nations support enslavement, torture and slaughter of civilians?

The war of 1948 was not a war at all. It was a holocaust against the Palestinian people.

So what can one believe that they say now?


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