Evolutionary Sequences


Evolutionary Stages: Don’t Let The Boring Title Fool You

Watch Out That You Don’t Evolve In the Wrong Direction.

We don’t all evolve at the same rate, pace or in the same way or time.

Different regions don’t necessarily go through the same sequence of change.

Thus, it isn’t an evolutionary requirement that Africans for example go through the same stages as say, the British or Americans went through to reach or achieve the same goals. 

Imagine if that were actually true how cumbersome the process, going back in time to figure out how somebody else did or didn’t do something, when the written words or schematics are all one has to draw upon, and the written words are written in different languages to make it all the more difficult to comprehend through sometimes questionable translations? 

I once read in a scientific journal, not that long ago and the present time is first month 2022, that Africans before they transition to animal-free diets will increase their animal intake commensurate with the same rate that countries now going animal-free did when they consumed mostly animals for their protein requirement.

That’s not true.

Learning now by the actions of others now, copying the actions of others now, should not be frowned upon or punished by anyone for any reason. I’m not talking copyrighted intellectual material. I’m talking behavior primarily. 

√ Copycatting is a necessary component of evolution. That’s what modern day evolutionaries do to catch up. They copy cat. That’s what everybody does, copycat. We learn by doing what other people do, then we do the same.

  • How to hold a fork, look around the table at how the other guests are holding theirs. Caution: It might not always be the best or most polite way.

In the earlier times, there wasn’t as much to copy as there is in modern times with the whole world connected and all the technological advancements well-established. Most peoples don’t have to wash their clothes by hand any more. Getting electricity to remote places is a challenge. Then teaching people how to use and maintain it becomes an even greater task. 

Peoples who separate themselves from everyone else don’t benefit from evolution as much as those who mingle with outsiders to learn new ways.

In order to benefit from evolution, one doesn’t have to possess all that modern cultures possess nor do they have to go through the evolutionary process of hundreds or even thousands of years, that it took for some inventions to be invented. 

A prime example is the Tembe tribe in the rain forests along the Amazon river in Brazil. By all accounts they live in primitive societies, separated from the outside, modern world, but they all have cell phones, which means they all know how to use them. In other words they skipped a lot of steps along the evolutionary path to get to owning and operating a cell phone. Imagine if one had to go back in time to learn how to make aluminum foil, when countries planet-wide already have it and use it.

Sharing as well as copycatting is a fundamental principle of evolution.

So don’t be shaming someone who dresses or eats what you wear or eat. Their evolutionary cycle is shortening due to the example set by others. And so should yours.

Just be sure what’s being copied and shared is worthy of the effort, otherwise eventually that evolution will need to be undone, so future generations of multi-faceted peoples don’t put flesh and blood on the menu.

I’m not talking about hurting feelings when someone interrupts someone about to shoot a tiger or an elephant, or calling out someone to stop what they’re doing, because it’s causing physical damage to a structure, a living, breathing being, to the planet, damage to one’s habitat, damage to the climate (in no particular order). Hurt feelings need to be set aside and dealt with on one’s one. That’s how your own hurt feelings get resolved, by talking to yourself. People get over the hurt feelings of being criticized if they want to, or if not, they don’t evolve.

Feelings are fickle; remember that. Fake tears abound when someone can’t get their daily dose of somebody else’s flesh and blood, literally or figuratively. Drop that ball before it gets you deeper into trouble.

Note: Just because something appears in a scientific publication doesn’t make it true. Think further, deeper, wider, higher I tell myself. If I reach the same conclusion to somebody else’s knee-jerk response I can bet myself my bottom dollar that it is a generalized conclusion, which in the end is meaningless, except somebody got paid to write an article about something they didn’t actually think much about.

No chest thumping or fist pounding in this space. Do it when you’re alone with yourself; you’ll look far less silly and have no one to apologize to except yourself – God willing.

Or, somebody got paid to hold up certain populations on the evolutionary scale – look at all the centuries and all the work that you have to do to catch up to the rest of them. It’s an elitism position/opinion that holds people back – always for a reason, usually one that involves profit.

Cultures don’t have to catch up; they can begin from here, right now, wherever they are. Don’t go back and take the same trail others took to achieve what they have now; you’ll never catch up. Benefit from the result now and figure out how to achieve that result without it taking hundreds of years. 

Africa, island people, all isolated people, I’m talking to you and those who will keep you always behind, because in theory you’d never be able to catch up to them. You’ll always be thousands of years behind them and by keeping you there they continue to make profits from enslavement, torture and slaughter of the planets non-human animals.

They raise them for slaughter. Now Muslims I’m talking to you. Don’t think you can escape a horror in the Middle East or Eastern Europe to come to the USA and set up your own personal raise and slaughter camp in your backyard. No. The answer is no. Sure the law will allow it, but the moral law says no.

That’s evolution spelled backwards.

How dare I? 

How dare You, given a golden opportunity to rise above the flesh and blood bath that tarnishes all cultures, you instead chose to immigrate to another place to be free to transplant that hell on earth for the non-humans you’ll be raising and slaughtering in another country. 

Those small backyard farms grew into mammoth factory farms and those sitting on them right now don’t know how to go about dismantling that gross, obscene horror that they created and you now want to copy. 

For money. If all you know how to do is raise and slaughter to survive and thrive, then you need to wake up from your long sleep and look at the world around you and see what backward evolution did to this world – what staying stuck in the past did to this planet and all that moves on it.

People aren’t afraid of you because you wrap your heads in your religion; it’s because the religion blocks forward, progressive moves while celebrating and keeping the old, destructive moves.

All religions do it. Some are beginning to move through the evolutionary blockade, that others applied to hold people back, absent the raise and slaughter mentality that they used to think they needed, because religions and governments told them so.

When you wear your religion on your head, people think you don’t have a mind of your own, that you’re controlled by some force that you’re too afraid to question. Go ahead, continue the raise and slaughter and see where it gets all religions.

In the pit of hell on earth is where it already exists for all the world’s non-human animals. And some humans too in those remote regions that activists clamor to protect from extinction.

Sometimes in some ways instincts need to be challenged too. People excuse their own destructive behavior using instincts as the cause. Some priests attracted to children question why God made them that way if God is all good and deserving of all their love.

Instinct to kill. Or be killed is a conjured up military term. Two sides put their children in a fenced area and train them to kill the enemy or be killed by the enemy. Instinct to rape. Instinct to steal. Instinct to eat. To provide. To trust. To laugh. To learn.

Let any person(s) from any religion tell the world that their God gave the human animal permission to raise and slaughter all non-human animals for whatever reason from the beginning of life on any planet anywhere in the universe until now. 

Or, that their God gave them permission to kill non-human animals until they reach the ready to go extinct level, then the ‘no kill’ rule goes into effect.

Go ahead, do it now. Everybody, every human animal on the planet, raise your voices high in unison, telling the universe that your God gave you all the non-humans on the planet to kill and consume!! DO IT. DO IT NOW.

For food, clothing, housing, experimentation, entertainment and whatever other blood fest use you can dream up, for which you claim you need non-human animals to provide you with their lives. Remember, enslave, torture, slaughter, one leads to the other if left unchecked.

Forget it then, I’ll do it for you. My one voice is more powerful than all your voices put together. My God would rather hear it from you, and frankly so would your God, but it’s just as easy to look at the billions of animals raised and slaughtered daily around the globe, to see the evidence is wholly clear, evil sent you a message that you wanted to hear.

Remember bats and rats who pass to humans microorganisms so small one can’t see them without a microscope. Kill or be killed? So small one can’t see the enemy approaching. Their search and destroy missions are well known in most parts of the world. The target? The human animal.

Now your God is talking your language. It makes people feel good to control their Gods. Supreme being has supremacy overtones and undertones. Who prays the hardest and most often to a supreme being? What demographic?

Permission now, to repeat the sins, the mistakes of the past.

That’s what God also gave you? Your God. Not my God. My God said no. And no, we are not going to agree to disagree. Where does that leave all the defenseless animals at your mercy? But you have no mercy, and why would any God put the human animal without mercy in charge of all the non-human animals?

Permission denied. 


The Holocaust upon holocaust, after holocaust after holocaust and another hollow cause so huge, so destructive no one can fathom from where it came or when it began, but everybody on earth jumped in and followed that flesh and blood wagon trail year after year, from the beginning of human life when humans ate each other. 

Nobody but the killers care why they did it, maybe they didn’t. That’s the pseudo science talking, filling in blanks to make themselves feel good about the accomplishment. If they did it, it must have been meant to be, so we will continue as before and disregard all this nonsense talk from the Animal-Free Chef. Give her a corner, that’s it. 

The holocaust is only for the Jews – the human animal that Adolph Hitler supposedly thought unworthy of life, but worthy enough to operate Adolph Hitler’s war factories. It was their home. Imagine that, a factory where eventually, when you’ve been physically spent you get slaughtered.

The world continues the practice in non-human animal factories around the globe unabated.

If we did it, then it must be right to do, because we are created in God’s image and God gave us the lower intelligence animals for us to eat. We had to catch them first. Lots of rules woven throughout the legends of history regarding killing and eating animals – the lower animal, lower than human animal. 

They can’t build a skyscraper; neither can I. Birds can fly; I can’t. All done in God’s name, dancing crazed around a fire in the night as the axe lowers and the animal squeals the humans scream to block the knowledge of their crime from their God’s ears, the fire to block God’s sight of the carnage, flesh and blood lust feast, the fire goes out, the natives settle to hover the ground as they pick the carcass clean, keeping the bones and teeth for souvenirs. The skin, long gone came off before the animal was slaughtered. All that’s left is the blood-wet ground, as they cover the spots with ashes and dirt to hide that they were even there.

So all the horrendous deeds perpetuated, executed, against all non-human animals have everybody’s God’s seal of approval?

Religious people can’t ask their God if they can do something different now, instead of what they always did. They follow blindly their respective so-called Gods wordless instructions from the past nobody seems to know or recall, straight through the gates of hell without blinking an eye. What are those instructions anyway? Does anybody really know? There are bible classes on interpreting the bible and no one asks any questions?

It’s a mystery. No it isn’t.

The instructions are human-made.

Those are the types of people the world fears: the individuals and groups who follow religions blindly without question. Or if they have a question, they expect God to peer from out of the clouds and answer it, instead of figuring it out for themselves. 

√ A religion that stays the same throughout history rejects evolution. People want something iron-clad that will last forever, consequently they don’t change their religious doctrine with new knowledge and better ways.

‘Only The Five Principles To A Better Life provide everlasting hope with change. Five Fatal Flaws turned to a better life with one word added: NO.

‘Prejudice leads to Discrimination leads to Enslavement leads to Torture leads to Slaughter if left unchecked.

‘No prejudice beyond prejudice, no discrimination, no enslavement, no torture, no slaughter are principles to live by.

‘Prejudice beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture, slaughter are flaws that need fixing.

√ ‘Everyone has prejudices – all non-human animals too. Prejudice is a survival tool. Check it at the juncture door of discrimination and all lives will live a better life. In the realm of discrimination is where all chaos begins and reigns.

That doesn’t mean everybody gets into medical school. What it means, as an example, is qualified people get into medical school. Only the intellect and willingness to study and work hard should be deciding factors.

√ Cultures become like religions when they don’t evolve. They get stuck in the perversity of the past.

All cultures and religions need to evolve. Now in your own life start the process. Make a positive change, then stick with it through the starts and stops. Set the example for others to copy. 

Hey, if the old neighborhood went to hell, the people living there mostly moved out. The Brits put a bad spin on improving neighborhoods and being more polite in the process by name-calling it, making it sound racist. Some minority neighborhoods didn’t put money into their living spaces, like some minorities do. They don’t own it, they don’t care for it. But then even when they do own it, they don’t put their money into making properties look good. Minority slum lords abound.

Brits dictating to Americans need to consider everyone’s role in declining neighborhoods. People don’t want to stay like they used to centuries ago. Kids take jobs in other towns and states and countries, so the neighborhoods lose their family-ties significance.

If some wealthy companies want to come in and remake the past brand new, then the more power to them. Some minorities think they don’t need to contribute by respecting the property of others. That’s how slum lords are born. Too much damage over and over again that influences the landlords to stop fixing the result of bad tempers. 

Who breaks the windows and pokes holes in the screen door because they forgot their keys? The tenant. Oh that’s okay as long as they’re poor. Well, I grew up in poor neighborhoods and we didn’t break windows. If my father punched a hole in the wall he fixed it. He didn’t expect the landlord to fix what he broke.

Britain of all people shouldn’t be telling every other country who can and cannot improve neighborhoods in the USA. That anybody would even want to is a plus for the town or city where that neighborhood is located. People of all ethnicities and races left for a different place. What difference does it make who lives there now? You’re not going to get a Fifth Avenue apartment in lieu of public housing.

Go ahead, set up public housing in more affluent areas, but they need to be on public transportation lines otherwise everybody’s car is at risk of being stolen. And there need to be rules about destruction of property just as there are in those more affluent locations. People can’t go on a destruction binge every time they get angry at something or somebody.

Brand new buildings start out in beautiful condition. Companies don’t build dilapidated apartment buildings. They don’t start out that way. The degree of dilapidation is a reflection of the tenants (it only takes a few whom the rest fear). Dilapidation is not caused by the landlords. They become discouraged and lose interest and faith, and after a while they simply accept that certain people are going to destroy property. It costs too much for them to fix the same damage over and over again. So they make them live with. Some tenants would rather be able to destroy property and live with it, than not destroy property and lose that physical outlet when they get angry. Selfish.

Some cultures are more aggressive and destructive than others. Some, rather than accept responsibility and curb those destructive cultural tendencies, want the world to accept them how they are, not how they can become. That’s where evolution breaks apart and stalls out, when people don’t want to change for the betterment of themselves and those who surround them. They think they’re normal and the rest of the world isn’t. They don’t mind living in the city dump that they made into a dump by the way.

People leave and they don’t come back. The British are wrong when they claim that in America once the neighborhood gets renovated, the ones who stayed get booted out and the ones who left aren’t allowed to come back. I’ve rarely met a person who left any neighborhood who wanted to repopulate it when improvements were made decades later – in fact I never have. The British most often in argument talk theoretically, not the actual reality on the ground. Then they get everybody worked up over it, when it isn’t true in the first place. Then somebody burns the building down, and they lean back in their comfy chairs and say, ‘I think that’s progress. Gentrification. That’s the fancy word the British gave to renovating slums. The Brits got the black Africans all worked up over wealthy companies going into run-down neighborhoods in America and fixing them up. Got rid of the eye sores. Rents went higher and the Brits claimed, they should be lower. Give the poor people nice buildings. Who do the Brits have for accountants who say increased housing costs equal lower rents?

  • Everybody knows, thus the Brits should also know, that the buildings all start out nice. The tenants are the ones who destroy them; then who pays for the renovations? 
  • Send the bills to Britain.

I’m in a building now that turned into public housing. Some government agency took away units allocated for seniors and started giving them away like candy to whoever applied who had no money. Still, when rents are raised some people have to move out. They can’t afford it. Raising rents is always going to be an issue. Many people in these refurbished neighborhoods haven’t had their rents raised in years. The few who remained, almost street poor, did so because they had compassionate landlords. Everybody else’s rents went up according to the rents in the greater neighborhood, not according to the building one lived in.

Accommodations can always be made. Vouchers are given to those who qualify, that can be used in buildings other than public housing. They do that in Canada. People like to live among others of similar social standing, whatever it be. Allocating a few apartments for ‘street poor people’ in affluent buildings would prove disastrous for the poor tenant. Even if they were given free rent, how do they afford the life-style associated with the affluence?

There’s a degree of recklessness that is associated with poor tenants that’s valid. I know. I see the fire trucks all the time. I never lived in a building where the fire trucks come out so often. They’re not always false alarms. But even the false alarms are stressful in a large building. No one knows if it’s for real or not. And everybody knows that smoke inhalation kills.

This was a nice building when I first got here. Nothing about it spoke poor. The poor people moving in didn’t become less reckless with an upscaled change in location and habitat. They didn’t all of a sudden, or even gradually over time, become more responsible with property.

√ Cultural appropriation is a fancy phrase for copycatting elements of other people’s culture. It shouldn’t matter that members of one culture are a minority or majority in the region cited.

√ In fact, to accept and even encourage minorities in a specified region, to copycat elements of the majority’s culture in the same region, yet condemn people in the majority when they copycat cultural elements of the minority in the same region is going against the grain of inclusiveness and the foundation of evolution itself.

It’s called discrimination, no matter who is getting discriminated against and no matter who is applying the discrimination.

Feelings are fickle and when imposed on others, many times destructive to others.

√  How one feels does not determine prejudice or discrimination. The facts of fairness and equality are all that one needs to consider. Someone’s social status, income level, education do not alter fairness or being treated equally.

√ Cultural appropriation as dictated by the British in defense of minorities, as some kind of social crime by which individual’s careers and families can be ruined if they engage in copycatting elements of the culture of a minority group is cultural terrorism.

Culture doesn’t involve hair styles, since hair style changes like the wind from season to season with every other type of fashion. 

That’s the British way of controlling how people wear their hair; it’s called the colonizing effect. They invaded country after country claiming as a peace offering that they had no interest in changing anybody’s culture, they only wanted everyone in the world to enjoy the wealth – a common wealth of peoples and nations. So anybody who dared copy the hair style or dress of a culture were seen as devils by the colonized people. They saw themselves in strange people and it spooked them.

Of course most of these countries at the time were African where the Africans were the majority. So the cultural appropriations gig fell apart.

In the USA where evidently Britain still makes the cultural and social rules for all classes of people, a member of the majority can only wear what is considered a black African hair style if they publicly acknowledge where it came from and take lessons in racism or a course in black history that excludes the black African participation in the slave trade – something like that. There are several demands. 

It all gets pretty murky under the guise of big hair, braided hair, corn rows, dread locks, like anybody cares; they didn’t invent corn to be clear about that or rows or hair, but that’s the Brits for you, always finding a way to make people feel better about colonialism and worse about themselves – that they imposed on entire countries – ninety percent of the planet.

DON’T WORRY WE WON’T WEAR YOUR HAIR STYLE. That was the covenant, the deal to gain entry. So they wouldn’t be spooked. Truth be told they were spooked by the white curly wigs that members of the military wore. They all wanted one. Blacks like spooky. A white wig. And these many centuries later, every black African woman in the world has one – so who culturally appropriated from whom? Many black men wear wigs as well.

Well, who believes any history these days, told by biased governments in text books. If an alien were reading them, they’d wonder where all the women went, wouldn’t they now?

The Brits are highly proficient in leaving critical and significant information out of the conversation. Or regarding in advance certain information as moot points, that would be considered a waste of time to let loose into the inferior minds of the populace. To them and every country that followed suit, women were moot points.

That they’re still colonizing peoples’ behavior by writing the news of other countries for them, as if these other countries weren’t capable of doing it themselves, gives them massive accessibility to influence whomever and however they want to influence. Nobody does it in the interest of the targeted. It’s always done in the interests of the one doing the targeting – the shooter.

The British need to stop the all-out assault on white Americans. That self-flaggelation is not going to keep Britain from being attacked by African interests.

Actually it was Britain who colonized America and brought slavery to the thirteen colonies. America eventually fought them and won, then they ultimately fought to set the slaves free and they won. 

  • “Directly or indirectly, the economies of all 13 British colonies in North America depended on slavery. By the 1620s, the labor-intensive cultivation of tobacco for European markets was established in Virginia, with white indentured servants performing most of the heavy labor. Before 1660 only a fraction of Virginia planters held slaves. By 1675 slavery was well established, and by 1700 slaves had almost entirely replaced indentured servants. With plentiful land and slave labor available to grow a lucrative crop, southern planters prospered, and family-based tobacco plantations became the economic and social norm. https://www.monticello.org/slavery/paradox-of-liberty/african-slavery-in-colonial-british-north-america/

Nobody has of yet held Britain to account for what they did in the USA, and what they did to ninety percent of the world. The British controlled their news outlets also, still do to an appreciable extent.

Britain uses their control of the USA news outlets as their bully pulpits to convince the world that it is America that needs to be attacked, not Britain. So far, black America fell for the ruse, but like any other lie, it falls apart when scrutinized. To whose benefit? Why would the Brits trigger black people in America into rioting during a pandemic? Major sickness, right there.

Certainly not to the benefit of Black Africans. Most don’t even qualify for social programs in America, unless they go on unemployment. There just wasn’t anything going on that was so pressing to change, that could quickly be changed, by rioting and burning cities. Most of the people participating are now ashamed that they did participate. That wasn’t a quest for freedom, that was just plain ugly. Somebody, some entity, wanted them to show their ugly side. And they fell for it.

What was the major issue? Systemic racism? That exists in all countries where there are minorities. It’s the nature of democracy. The majority rules. And whoever rules, rules according to their agenda. The black African activists in America, who benefitted from being born and raised in the USA, want to be the majority. There’s only one way that can happen, go to Africa where black people are the majority. Go back to your roots and make the necessary changes there. They won’t. Life is too comfortable in the USA, even in public housing.

Africans are doing in America what the Jews did in Palestine, trying to be a majority when they’re not. The Jews just holocaust a bunch of Palestinians that made another bunch of Palestinians flee for their lives from their own homeland. 

Africans in America are making many Europeans in America consider moving to other countries, so they don’t have to endure the violent expressions of emotion by Blacks year after year with every new complaint dujour. It looks like extortion, blackmail, discrimination, enslavement, torture, and next step slaughter. There are shoot-ups all over the country, so the slaughter has already began.

What happens during confrontations with police is a two way street. Not many people have sympathy for those who don’t respect the laws meant to keep people safe. 

Systemic racism is too vague a phrase to riot over, to burn city centers to the ground over. Across the nation? Nobody sees out front black Africans, in Cleveland anyway, suffering any more than any other group. In fact, black Africans get more attention than any other group – on earth. If they squander it, that’s on them.

Do you see the pattern of copycatting behavior? One jumps on the hood of a car and many follow the leader. One jumps a clerk at a store and several others pile on. One person trashes a community center in an upscale neighborhood and every single black youth joins in the mayhem.

That’s copycatting behavior. 

Black Africans have money; they’re not all ‘street poor’ like the Brits would have every American not black believe. When they realized they got caught in a lie, they changed their narrative to ‘respect’. Oh sure Blacks have money, lots of it, but they don’t have the respect of white people. 

Well, first of all, no one is going to respect an entire group of people, especially when they flash trigger their own anger into destroying people’s property and careers, because it makes them feel good. That’s not how you get respected, by punching somebody in the head. Nobody respects that behavior. Black people don’t respect it in others, so Britain got it wrong again. Britain keeps getting it wrong, because they keep pitting one group against the other.

√ Nobody is going to respect an individual or a group that hates them. That’s black on white. Systemic hatred is what Blacks engage in toward all white people. They take the shotgun approach and attach a hate flag to it, then shoot. There are no good white people in their minds or on their agenda to save from the attack.

Africans, though they might have been around longer than anybody else, didn’t evolve as quickly as did other demographics. With all those natural resources, they just sat on them, but they wanted what everybody had that they didn’t have, that was the result of hard, communal labor. 

Whether an individual or a group, people need to want to advance and then search for ways to do it – within the law. It seems that in some cultures, people would rather be in prison, where they’re cared for, albeit harshly, than have to discipline themselves and regiment themselves into working long, hard days to achieve what they say everybody else has.

It seems that the oldest cultures resisted change more than the newer ones. But with each new generation comes opportunities to evolve, not needing to do the arduous and tough work of the past that others who went before them already accomplished. The whole world continues to profit from all of it.

So again I say the scientists are wrong to assume that Africa must go through the same sequences of evolution that Europe and America went through before they can convert to an animal-free diet. While America and Europe reduce their consumption of animal products, Africa will dramatically increase theirs to make up for all they didn’t consume thousands of years prior to the present.

Again, that’s not true.

That’s not scientific nor is it logical. It’s conjecture. Africa already has the knowledge and the tools. What they lack is the will to eat animal-free. They lack the will to confront their own lust for the flesh and blood of non-human animals, and some human animals too.

I personally won’t accept that Africans are not capable of evolving quicker, which means given their slow rate in the past, they have to catch up to Europe and America soon. Evolving now by choice, will put them ahead of the Europeans and Americans, while at the same time putting a whole new glow on the future of this planet and all who live, survive and thrive here.

I’m betting on it. You don’t have to sell crickets or beetles. Or set up beetle factory farms. Bring large animal-free meat and dairy factories and laboratories to your continent. Bring in all the Animal-free cultured meat derived from plant cultures not animal cultures. Talk to the Giants in the industry. Then broadcast it globally. It doesn’t have to be an African only project; that’s discrimination, something you don’t like when it happens to you.

√ You can have it all. Kings and Queens of THE ANIMAL-FREE MEAT AND DAIRY INDUSTRY all over Africa.

√ I can see it now, I’ve got it all laid out in my brain, traveling through space to all corners of Africa. Is it a bird, a plane, no it’s Animal-Free Meat and Dairy building Animal-Free Nests large and small all over the continent, in every country. FEED THE WORLD, AFRICA!

Maybe the reason Africa is still a developing continent is because they forbade anyone to copy their way, no matter how insignificant their way, while they copied everybody else, applying their slant to somebody else’s design to avoid the copycat accusations.


Too much manipulation leads to inaction.

Inaction blocks evolution.


Permission granted.

  • Africans need to stop trying to get cops to arrest people for hurting their feelings.
  • Only babies scream louder to get your attention.


  • The Cleveland Hustle
  • You Don’t Question
  • Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money?


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