It alarms me when Jews, worldwide, speak in a collective voice, instead of a patchwork of differing opinions more representative of a free society where differing views are respected and reported. I call them Jews because they want to be called Jews, because they define themselves by their Jewishness. When a group does that, one tends to oblige. Catholics are catholics. Protestants are protestants, Muslims Muslims and Jews are Jews. Why is it not allowed to call a Jew a Jew?

If Jews didn’t have their Jewish ideology to describe to the world and to themselves, who they are and how they are allowed to act – separate from everyone else – they’d be literally lost. I wonder about the offense taken at being called a Jew, while proclaiming themselves separate from everybody else, not wanting to integrate, except to do business, setting their own selves apart, claiming superiority, then complaining when  one calls them what they claim to be. What separates Jews and gentiles? Who came up with the distinction?

Webster’s calls a gentile any person not a Jew. So, the Jews made the distinction between themselves and everybody else. Do you know what a gentile is, besides not a Jew? A pagan – a peasant. So, again the Jews made the distinction between being ‘chosen’ and everybody else being the peasants of the world.

Let’s set the record straight. Jews are Arabs, mostly lighter skinned. They’re both Semites. The Jews so wanted to be separate from everybody else, that they made themselves into a separate ethnic group, simply by decree, then traveled the continents picking up genes from other races, calling everyone their own.

In northern Italy, the Italians with lighter skin and hair are still Italians, and so it is with Jews. They are still Arabs. So when they massacre Palestinians, they massacre their own. A Semite is a Semite is a Semite. The Jews however, rejected their heritage for a promise of superiority and wealth they saw as a consequence to that action, heard as collective inner voices, that left untreated became for them their religion and their governing authority.

There’s a reason why they call people who blow up buildings with bombs or fire mentally ill.

The dropping of a ton bomb ON AN APARTMENT BUILDING TO FLUSH OUT AN ALLEGED CRIMINAL, instead of staking out the building and arresting him, charging him and trying him for whatever be the charges, should have appalled every world citizen regardless of race, religion or creed. That the collective Jewish voice defended it, should give every world citizen reason to pause to consider what else they collectively may support as justification for taking the West – or any other world bank – launched perhaps not from Israel, but from more beneficial and lucrative positions around the world.

To drop a bomb on a leader negotiating terms for peace puts every other peace seeking world leader in grave peril. It doesn’t matter that it’s yesterday’s news. Because no one who evidently mattered objected, the practice of assassination rather than using the courts to resolve disputes continues – and not only in Israel, but now in the U.S. since the Jews in the U.S. have declared terrorism not a crime – not anything like a crime – so that one can respond to terrorism in any way one wants. Does that mean citizens may do the same? Yet no one defined terrorism, except to refer to millions of people being killed – at least by the Jewish congressional leadership within our government – so guess that leaves out New York and the Pentagon. Crazy Jews, Jesus Christ!, never use logic to test their arguments. No wonder they wandered for thousands of years not finding their way home. Is there mold in Israel? Not yet did my mind’s ear hear? or was that nyet?

Evil spreads, when it is unopposed: People/countries see an opening for acceptance and take advantage of that opening before anybody realizes it. That is not indicative of a free society, nor a democracy. A country built on a foundation of assassination or the threat of assassination is a country doomed to fail. When a military commander acts as jury and judge, while speaking through a headset to inflict the ultimate punishment – with nothing even in writing – without the knowledge of the community – there is no law and order; there is no true justice.

The real and only reason for calling terrorism different from crime is to justify the bombing of an apartment building to catch a man who was suspected of killing several Jews, not by blowing himself up but by asking others to blow themselves up for him. So, anybody who murders a Jew is a terrorist – unless he is a Jew, then he’s a traitor.

Jews are notorious for serial killings – at least in other countries. How do they capture serial killers in Israel? Attempting to classify every corrupt act by defining it as something it isn’t is enough to drive anybody else crazy, and when left to their own devices, they will do just that, hoping you will stop the inquiry when the quagmire thickens with strings and webs too dense to navigate through, so one ends in taking their word for whatever they try to explain away. It’s not worth your mental effort to object – and don’t they know it.

In other words, Jews know that suspects are guilty. If you are a suspect you have already been convicted and sentenced. If by chance you’re connected to a bad thought that somebody justifiably had about a Jew, then you’re as good as dead for the affiliation. These are the western ways the Israelis keep saying they’re mimicking. This is the free society where the majority is supposed to rule – democracy they keep calling it – as if by telling the lie enough times the world will come to accept it – especially when the world is weary and too busy to challenge their diligence.

I still need to wonder how a minority playing the ‘persecuted chosen one card’ gets to rule the world. Those who control the wealth rule – not only by owning it, but by manipulating it through keeping track of who has and gets what. It’s called bookkeeping, accounting, keeping track of and dispersing funds.

I wonder about the strategy of a man who declares war on a neighboring country, then declares all of his own citizens soldiers, claiming that fact as sufficient reason not to abide by the provisions of the World Court, since any citizen/soldier could be a target of investigation, while making every citizen a sitting duck for the opponent – an opponent who then rightly or at least logically targets the soldiers in this declared war.

One really must look at this strategy, the person making it and the consequences to a whole nation of people subjected to it. When Ariel Sharon gets reelected by the majority of Israel’s people, they will in effect be signing their own death certificates, knowing full well the position he puts them in and knowing full well he has no plans for peace without a One Israel policy in Palestine. Yet they’re willing to pay that price – to give up their own lives and the lives of Palestinians for more land.

To Ariel Sharon: it is time to sit down with your neighbor, before some like-minded individuals drop a ton bomb on you in an effort to capture a war criminal (terrorist) who eludes the World Court. Now what would the collective Jewish voice say to that? If thinking logically, it would have to support the action. An eye for an eye – retaliation and all that good stuff, that Americans like to boast that Jews do to those who ire them. It’s like watching the godfather. People vicariously enjoy seeing someone get pummeled. The problem with that mentality is that it doesn’t matter much if you’re right or wrong, they simply enjoy watching the hit – hits that they, unlike you, are unable to carry out.

So, when the tables turn and you’ve filled every world citizen to their rage capacity by your actions toward a defenseless people, don’t go crying to God when the second holocaust comes upon you and the world turns its back.

The world brought you out of hell once before – only to see you create a hell for somebody else. People see that as ungrateful and when your turn comes – as it will – no one will hear your screams either. So, if I were you, I’d take that dime you were laughing about, out of your pocket, stand on it, turn and let that twist propel you out of your own future hell, before it’s all too late. Your people will turn against you, for turning the world against them.

Jewish networks: Jews possess the most secret and most active underground networks in the world. Unless we map the veins of these deeply rooted networks, where the collective Jewish voice flows as smooth as cream and as predictable as bees making honey, we, unfortunately but predictably, can expect more surprises in the form of suppressed knowledge of future attacks – carried out by twin rivers flowing in opposite directions whose bridges cross in familial territory.

Zionism is the fringe of Jewish culture and society, yet it is the seed of Zionism, no matter how small, that lives and grows in every Jew, and it is that seed, not their arrogance about who they are, that sets them apart. It is that seed of thought, no matter how small, that programs them to survive, not as a melting pot, but as a pure race, called racism in its most pure form, that unites all Jews, making the voice collective, no matter what country those seeds are in, therefore making them fundamentally different from other cultures.

They can become the expert chameleons they are, pasting the faces of the cultures they live in on their own, but the seed is there no matter how well camouflaged, and no where is it more evident than when Jews talk about anybody who isn’t a Jew, but more startlingly evident in dealing with anyone Arab.

Jews simply see themselves as superior to all others, though they slyly behave toward others as the persecuted chosen – a powerful combination of traits that will get you just about anything you want in this world. God did not separate the Jews from everybody else. They did that all by themselves, because they wanted to be by themselves. Who doesn’t want to be the favored child, and if they are what favored child would brag about it and remain so?

Cooperation will never be weeded out through evolution, precisely because we need each other to survive. God planned it that way. That’s why no one country possesses all it needs. God wants us dependent on each other. That the Jews and some Christians buck that trend – wanting only to do business and nothing else with anyone not a Christian or a Jew, as if they make all the rules – guarantees their own extinction. That they want to survive as a superior race, separate from all others, again, enforces the decree.

It cannot happen, and if they keep insisting on having it their way, through worming their way into other people’s cultures, masquerading as somebody they’re not in order to take what isn’t theirs, they will again be confronted by the fears of those they infiltrate and the world will destroy that which it fears. It really is time to open up – not to convince the world through smoke and mirrors to trust you, when only you have the map, because they’ve seen what you do to people whose property you covet – but to show the world you have nothing to hide which is designed to hurt them.

Open up to peaceful cooperation, because if it isn’t peaceful, no matter how you try to explain it, the world will see you as violent oppressors and aggressors, whom you threaten by your actions toward others. Do you really think it’s effective that you say, ‘we only do it to the Palestinians and won’t do it to you?’ And you only do it to the Palestinians because you want what is theirs? And then what, when you say you’ve no place to grow in five years, and in ten years, who’s next?

Palestine is the first domino and the world knows it. The world will not allow that first domino to fall. God will not allow that first domino to fall. I’ve been telling you this for a long time – giving you time to make changes – but you didn’t. What? You thought I was making this stuff up? You think if you kill a leader by stressing him to death, and then make peace that the world will forgive you? It’s pretty much too late for that. The tide is turning. Once the people of the United States wake up, and they’re stretching right about now, they won’t allow their leader to support your actions. And neither will your own people.

The U. S. needs oil and does not want to be dependent on somebody else for it, so they plan to take the country whose resource they need. It doesn’t really matter which Arab country they take. They figure Iraq will be the easiest, so that’s where they focus. Their goal is to divide and conquer the Arab world – not because of threats posed by terrorism, but because of the desire for self-sufficiency in the oil department. It has nothing to do with Saddam taking a hit out on Bush.

Bush when head of the CIA took out lots of hits on people. He’s a murderer. All heads of intelligence agencies are. George Tenet is a murderer and a hypocrite to boot. He scorns countries that engage in torture then sends people from the U.S. to these very countries to do his torturing for him. They’re all scum – certainly nobody mother would approve of – unless she was Ma Barker. So Bush ought to explain to his son that he did as bad or worse than Hussein.

And if you’re going to throw in some biological weapons, well…the only one using them now is the U.S. against its own people. They have no suspect for the anthrax caper after more than a year, because they put SAC Van Harp in charge of the investigation. He’s the only one who knows how to cover it up. People who commit acts of terrorism take credit for the deed. There would be no point otherwise. When no one takes credit, it was state sponsored.

Like I said, it doesn’t matter that this is yesterday’s news today. Why? Yesterday never ended.

End of story?

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