Religion And Mental Illness

Jews Need To Stop Calling Mental Illness a Religion

so does everybody else…

They weave their obsessive compulsions, depressive delusions, schizophrenic mania and multiple disorders into their culture and religion to hide their proclivities to harm others.

The Muslims do it too. So do the Christians and Hindus. People from every religion. Catholics, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Shinto, Confucianism, Shamanism, Witchcraft – with Orthodoxy tailgating on all of them – ad nauseam.

Leave us alone; we want to be separate; we don’t like you; we’re not like you; you don’t understand us; we’ll take care of our own. Separatists – all of them. Amish? Quakers? Stuck in the past where they can’t move, so they make a religion out of it – born to suffer they all say.

Atheists? Don’t like being told what to do by somebody else, or somebody else’s perception of God. What gives them away is this: “No God would allow humans to suffer”.

  • You know the ones who enslave, torture and slaughter defenseless creatures for their own pleasure – those good humans – because they didn’t know any better, supposedly, more than likely because they can get away with it.
  • Atheists are lawless, except when it comes to others or when they’re about to be arrested then they’re all on board with conformity.
  • What they mean but don’t say is it’s the religious Gods to which they object.
  • Life after death or not, doesn’t determine if there’s a God or Gods.
  • When atheists reference God it is always in somebody else’s context of what they believe, not what the atheist believes.
  • So I’d say generally speaking atheists aren’t deep thinkers. They’re not leaders; they’re not followers. They’re independent, separate. They criticize who you are, but they don’t know who they are, except not like you.
  • With atheists, anything goes – except belief in God. That’s not even a maybe. It doesn’t fly with the ‘anything goes’ mentality – that’s the inconsistency that proves the mental illness.

Agnostics are undecideds. They want proof, but they don’t seek it in much of anything they actually could prove. They’re on the fence, because it’s comfortable there – they see both sides and understand all sides within limits. But the need to make a decision doesn’t weigh on them. If they don’t do it, somebody else will, and thanks for that. They’re aloof.

Agnostics come from the same vein as atheists, it’s just not as absolute. And they do make comments as if there was a God and they just don’t know how any God could allow such bad things to happen to good people.

  • In other words, God could allow bad things to happen to bad people, but not the other way around – that’s mental illness.
  • Agnostics presuppose that God is good. The fact that there is bad in the world proves to them that God doesn’t exist. And they’re waiting for God to prove otherwise.
  • Agnostics are holdouts.

Everybody else who can’t decide on what to do about this or that, look to the book for what the book says to do. Gospel means it’s truth, the only right decision – that’s mental illness.

He, she, it, they made me do it – that’s mental illness.

Everybody does it – that’s mental illness.

They gnash their teeth as they dig their nails like knives into the bowels of other creatures, dancing with their anger as if it were spiritual and God was putting them on the path to righteousness, after just one more kill. Thankful, so thankful they get one more kill. Happy now, laughing, singing, eyes lighting up like fire while they tear the flesh and drink the blood as if it were righteous. They chastise with rejection and banishment those who disagree.

Gathering and training hundreds of thousands of military fighting troops to kill or be killed – that’s mental illness personified.

Bombing cities, burning villages – that’s mental illness.

Withholding medical care to anyone when it’s available to some – that’s mental illness.

Bombing the moon or any other structure in the solar system – that’s mental illness.

Torturing anyone for science – that’s mental illness.

Occupying another’s land till they give it to you – that’s mental illness.

War is mental illness.

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