by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

The only benefit you’ll get by reading anything I write twice, or by looking at anything I create more than once is that you’ll see more detail.

At some point the power of the secret needs to be shared in order to become more powerful.

The human animal is the most irrational animal on the planet.

Fight harder by fighting smarter. I already know you’re strong.

If you wouldn’t eat your own liver, you’ve no universal right nor invitation to eat the liver of any other animal.

You’ve healed as much as you’re going to heal, live with the scars.

President Obama recognized the cause of the Syrian rebels, even though the Syrian rebels have al-Qaeda in their leadership and rank and file, but he didn’t recognize the cause of the Palestinians who have Hamas and Hezbollah in their leadership and rank and file. His hypocrisy toward the Middle East is what prevented peace from prevailing in that region and around the world.

President Obama didn’t use his veto power much. He didn’t want to be labeled as a dictator by Congress, yet he unequivocally with iron vocal cords called for world leaders to step down, step aside or risk USA military intervention, in other words he’ll take them – out the world leaders – and kill a lot of their people not involved in the conflict simultaneously with air strikes. So, not dictator at home, but dictator on the world stage.

Who’s your master? Do you have a master? Do you want one? Master connotes and denotes (implies) enslavement. Master needs a slave. Slave doesn’t need a master. Remember that. Free yourself. Be the master and slave of you.

There’s such a thing as not going above or below a certain body weight. Only you know what that weight is for you. Balance is the key, not too big not too small – for you and you only. Stop comparing yourself to everybody else.

Joey Chestnut eating sixty-eight hotdogs with sixty-eight hotdog buns in ten minutes shouldn’t be called a sport; it should be called what it is, a binge and purge eating disorder. It’s likely that he, similar to people with eating disorders, doesn’t let those sixty-eight hotdogs and buns along with water to soak the buns be digested by his body.

Language is a great facilitator and organizer. It’s also a great blocker.

If astronomers aren’t plant-based vegetarians (animal-free), then they’re missing a component that will assist them in the understanding of existence beyond the proof of the telescopes. Otherwise it’s all just an amusement ride and a video game.

Universes are satellites. There are no empty spaces. Even a vacuum isn’t empty.

Our universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old – proof that it’s a satellite. If you have an age, you’re a satellite.

Stephen Hawkins acknowledged that God cannot be proven not to exist. However, he claimed that we don’t need God [to explain the universe and how it works]. I nominate Stephen Hawkins to be one of the first civilians to go into space at somebody else’s expense, where he can gain a new perspective. 

Stop raising your children to be cannibals.

The soul is more powerful than the mind. Remember that.

God in the Koran said to Muslims, ‘to know me, know my creations. It is this author’s opinion that ‘know’ means respect. Respect of God means to respect all of God’s creations–meaning all species, all life and non-life.

Do the best you can with what you have to work with. The world cannot expect any more than that from any individual or group.

SOCIAL JUSTICE is prejudice and discrimination that if left unchecked leads to enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Instead of thinking black and white, think dark and light. Dark and light allows for more movement along the scale/continuum of how we perceive the world. A black and white way of thinking tends to get stuck at either end of the continuum/scale, prohibiting the flow of movement between both ends.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Boston Celtics basketball team for showing the world what good sportsmanship is all about after their loss to the Miami Heat on 9 June 2012. My heart beat with pride–proud of them, proud that the world witnessed it, proud to be a New Englander, proud to be a native of Massachusetts. Bitter-sweet, but the sweet is what I’ll remember.

Peace among whom? Among humans? Or among all species? All animals.

The solution doesn’t come after the plan. The solution is the plan.

The next time somebody thinks that the big God in the sky is punishing them or somebody else for what they or somebody else did wrong consider this: what did the cow, dog, frog, lamb, cat, pig, chicken, bear, deer, fish…do wrong to you or to God that made you enslave, torture and slaughter them? Enslavement, torture and slaughter is punishment.

OCCUPY. All anybody occupies at any given moment is the space they’re in. Be sure you want to be in that space. If you don’t, then strategize to get out.

Turning is a movement. Been around that block before? See anything new or anything old differently? Move forward, backwards, sideways. Stop holding your breath. Breathe. 

Change is inevitable if you want to live. 

Everything in the universe isn’t equal. Our desire to live is greater than our desire to die. Our desire to protect is greater than our desire to destroy. Blink, it’s okay.

SUNDAY PREPARING FOR MONDAY. Why would I want to spend all day Sunday preparing for Monday when Sunday is my only day off? Prepare for next week during the current week, so you’ll always be prepared, then take your only day off to do what pleases you. It’s hard to relax when you know you have chores to do. Setting aside a day each week, no matter what the day, is necessary for reflection and rejuvenation.

Don’t begrudge doing something you’re good at just because you think others should be doing it.

How a spousal argument starts: One person says, “You can do whatever you want.” It’s when you add, “You always do anyway” that puts that downward spiral into motion.

Turn yourself in the chair rather than let the chair turn you. (This is a metaphor).

Nails, hair, teeth, skin. That’s what old people are about to the youth who view them. To the old people it’s about surviving through the last leg of their tour of duty – their way.

Where are all the rich vegans, vegetarians, plant-based animal rights people? I know you exist. Why aren’t you investing in and/or building animal-free fast food chains? Come on, do we really need the slaughter industries to do it for us? Stop sleeping. Come out of the closet. Your time to shine is now.

Hey, stop thinking that just because you’re doing what you think you ought to be doing in your life that everything should go your way.

Either you get old or you die young.

Smooth and striated muscles do not operate independent of each other. There’s a continuum between voluntary and involuntary. I don’t have to tell my brain to move my arm; the brain intuitively knows that it needs to move to get a job done and moves it. I don’t have to tell my heart to beat or my lungs to breathe; my brain knows  that my heart needs to beat and my lungs to breathe to get a job done.

If God is so good, then why is there so much bad in the world? It didn’t come from God’s mouth now did it? Does God even have a mouth?

A baby step today can transform into an adult step today by the power of your own will. You’ve got a strong will, use it.

You don’t need to surrender, you only need to change. Surrender to yourself if it’s an obsession.

Today I’m going to get ready for yesterday.

The minute you enslave someone it’s torture.

The old-day moat around the castle is now the modern-day missile defense shield. The world hasn’t made much progress in getting along with it’s neighbors.

All war is rooted in prejudice, not self-defense.

Poverty is persecution.

Either you call yourself an animal or you call all animals human.

Better to pass the gauntlet than to lay it down. Laying it down means war is inevitable. Passing it means peace is possible.

DNA. Cigarette, alcohol, drug DNA. Disease DNA. Killer, thief, liar, cheat DNA. Obesity, skinny, allergy DNA. Honesty, altruism, compassion, courage DNA. Scientists say that your DNA predetermines whether you’ll smoke, drink, drug, contract a disease, become a killer, thief, liar or cheat, become fat, skinny, honest, altruistic, compassionate, courageous.

If our DNA controls everything about us, then when, where and how does our self-control come into play? Is self-control controlled by DNA also? Then why send people to prison who commit crimes over which they had no control? If that’s the actual case, then prisons should be country clubs for the DNA impaired.

A person’s DNA evolves. A ‘liking cheese’ DNA evolves like everything else evolves. So DNA changes. If not, then DNA doesn’t evolve and that which a person likes and dislikes remains static.

Prior to the existence of humans on planet Earth, forces in the universe didn’t know that tobacco would exist and humans would smoke it, thus throwing into the DNA spiral paradigm a cigarette gene. How could there be a cigarette gene if tobacco didn’t yet exist when humans first existed?

Those who write the laws rule the world.

Palestinians are aborigines.

Most artists, writers, chefs edit the soul out of their work in order to make it read, visually impact or taste the same way to everyone. I communicate to you in the same language in which I create – from the heart of the soul, the main brain, which I call God. Your individual interpretation comes from you, not me.

My new favorite word is mutate. My second is evolve.

My synapses are jittery. Must mean I’m about to make a decision.

All brains are hereby unlocked. I have that power access to your cells. Yep. My God gave me the key to the Kingdom/Queendom. Do you trust me with that key? Then use it yourself. We all have the same key.

The CIA doesn’t just spy. They shape all facets of society, thus your life. Do you trust them with that power over you?

People like to see replicas of something good. Be a replica or be the one others want to replicate.

Either all cells in the universe act on instinct or they don’t. There’s no such thing as: some cells do and some cells don’t.

It’s time to start disciplining your brain, thus your actions. Do that and you can trust your brain to keep your actions on the edge of calm. Train, train, train. Trust is one of the results of discipline – a newly found trust in yourself.

If you’re continually taking anti-inflammatory, over-the-counter drugs, your body loses it’s ability to reduce inflammation on its own. Take a break now and then. Improve your diet, stretch, get lots of fresh air, don’t force your body or mind beyond it’s limits for long periods of time.

Take the wall down by not putting it up.

When the long-term has been a long time coming it means you’ve been stuck in the plan you made for the short-term way too long. Make the necessary adjustments you’ve been putting off to your short-term plan, then glide forward. You’re ready.

You’ll never know someone till you get to know them. In the meanwhile trust that they’re a lot like you.

My mother taught me the words and my father taught me how to fish with them.

Talk less and do more. Stop expecting everybody to feel your pain. They have pain of their own to deal with. Pick up your own mood. What are you, helpless? The world doesn’t want to be your babysitter or cheerleader. Grow into a better you. Everybody ‘gets’ themselves. ‘Getting’ you isn’t their job, it’s yours.

Everybody wants somebody else to change the world. That’s why we have dictators.

To all religions: Open your individual and collective souls to all life and non-life.

When poor people steal from rich people they go to jail. When rich people steal from massive numbers of poor people they’re called good business people.

Christians and Jews who see the Rapture through the prejudicial eyes of their religions are as dangerous as Muslims who do the same. Find the Rapture you seek by living the Five Principles To A Better Life: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Stop eating animals and you’ll see how fast the slaughter industry can change to animal-free.

The only reason why politicians want to keep illegal immigrants illegal via protractive paths to citizenship is to keep them as a poor class to pick the crops and do the below minimum wage jobs, while living twelve people to a one bedroom house.

You don’t have to be an animal lover to respect their right to life. You don’t even have to like them. Just leave them alone and don’t get in the way of their survival. They don’t get in your way. When is the last time a cow, pig, goat, lamb, chicken, buffalo, trout, lobster disrespected your right to life?

Exceptions are loopholes.

It’s time to stop the ‘necessary evil’ ideology that haunts the world and keeps us chained to enslavement, torture and slaughter ideologies.

Responsibility is rewarding. It’s fun. It’s productive. That’s why all successful people happily embrace it.

Eventually everybody comes out of denial. Eventually the world sees it through the mirror of everything else.

There is such a thing as being too sensitive you know.

Why so grumpy? Just a habit.

I wonder if you can split a spirit like you can split an atom?

Just because somebody doesn’t have proper credentials doesn’t mean they’re not qualified. Just because somebody has proper credentials doesn’t mean they’re qualified.

No baby can control their gender, color, who their family is or what genetic predisposition for disease or disorders they’re born with, or what socio-economic condition they’re born into. So stop the prejudice and discrimination against the adult that grows from that baby.

Eating animals is the world’s most horrific and destructive addiction.

Remember as kids saying to another kid, ‘it takes one to know one?’ No it doesn’t.

You have dominion over only you

Change or be changed. It’s up to you. How is it that if I have control over only me, then others have control over me? Why if I don’t want to change are other people given the right to change me? 

The majority isn’t always right, but people instinctively move together in all matters.

If somebody tells you to do one good deed everyday, that’s way too disciplined for what should come naturally. Think good, be good, and the ‘do good part’ will take care of itself. Thinking before you act or speak is where the discipline comes in.

When you discipline yourself in a lot of little ways, the big ways fall into place all by themselves – like dominoes. the opposite is also true.

Your personal rules are your own. The Five Principles are woven into everyone’s DNA, they just don’t know it. Through the application of the Five Principles peace will be achieved.

Being prejudiced against people who are prejudiced is still prejudice. Think about why they’re prejudiced.

Christians, Jews and Muslims use their religious manifestos, written thousands of years ago, like horoscopes to determine local, national and world events. They use these manifestos to justify prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. There’s nothing holy about that.

The Netanyahu/Obama Doctrine in the Middle East was: We’ll drop bombs on your people if you don’t stop committing human rights abuses against them.

Stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. You know it’s there. Focus on the job.

THEN: You can do it, I know you can.

NOW: That can happen.

The older dogs get, the smarter they get. The same should be true for humans.

Wherever rich people gather all services are provided, until they find themselves in the middle of a natural or contrived disaster. Then everybody is the same.

Why do we leave it up to the youth to change the world? It’s time for the elders to change.

If you’re feeling terror, then you’re being terrorized.

You need to know where your need for vengeance comes from. Vengeance is an emotion. Curb it.

Cats killing birds doesn’t justify you killing birds. Because some people torture doesn’t justify you torturing others.

There are some decisions that need emotion in order to assess what path to follow, otherwise we become machines.

Doctors say that if you have poor circulation in your feet, then you have poor circulation in your brain. I disagree. There’s a reason why your heart is closer to your head than your feet – to make sure the brain and vital organs get nourished first. You can live without your feet, not your brain.

Dictatorships are contagious.

How is it that someone gets a DUI violation (driving under the influence) which revokes their driving privileges, but they can still drive a plane?

Stop treating God like a democracy. It doesn’t fit. God is for all, not just fifty-one percent.

I knew this day would come. This day is here.

Free the God in you.

Jews call themselves Jewish because it sounds like a nationality–like Irish.

You’re ready to lead when you master the skills you know you have. In the meanwhile lead by example.

The Wizard of Oz was based on God talking to Moses through thunder in the Book of Exodus. No God would hide in a cloud and say no one could come near the mountain or touch the mountain or be killed by God’s hand. Are there mountains in Israel? Moses is the Wizard of Oz.

The stronger and longer you hold onto a prejudicial belief, the easier it is to let it go as fatigue sets in.

The person, not the bug, resists the antibiotic.

Animal sacrifice never ended. The plate became the altar.

The mountain is in your mind – that which you think you can’t overcome.

Hey, sometimes you have to get crazy to survive. When sane is required, it will be there for you – like comfort.

Just because iron is found in the tissue of all animals doesn’t mean you have to eat the blood and tissue to get it. Iron is a mineral found in soil, and plants that grow from that soil.

Most people when they get famous get a street named after them. I was named after a street.

Good courage cannot be bought. Bad courage on the other hand takes only the promise of a nickel. The bad part comes into play when those with the power of money use those who have none to commit their dirty deed.

When you hear something good about someone you know, tell them. I’ve never heard of anyone getting hurt by a compliment. Oh, he or she will get a big head, meaning they’ll feel good about themselves. If more people felt good about themselves the world would be a happier place. 

Refuse to fight against each other, instead raise each other up.

Anywhere, anytime there is war, there is evil. When you take up arms or drop a bomb it’s evil working you – evil having its way with you. Getting them before they get you is premeditated evil.

I’m tired of hanging in there. I want more. I want to soar. How about you? Tired of always hanging in there? I’m tired of the thread, tired of the rope. I want to be at the top of my own life, not hanging in suspense of somebody else’s life and what they decide for me. That’s no way to live. If you’re hanging, you’re enslaved by something, someone, somebody else’s agenda. That’s torture. Cut the rope, sever the thread.

Stop letting the government dictate what you think, what you care about, how and what you eat, how you dress, walk and talk. Stop letting the government tell you that the greatest gift you have for their perpetual war machine is your life. Your greatest gift to the world is to live, not die.

I can’t go back in time, but I can go forward differently.

Fear of God isn’t the beginning of wisdom, it’s the beginning of terrorism.

If you think your thought determines your action and you’re afraid of that action, then change the thought. Don’t wait for someone to reassure you that you won’t act on it. Anybody can act on a thought even if it’s against their belief system. Change the thought to a rational one. Obsess on the rational thought as you disregard the momentary short circuit to your thought process.

Fear of God is a tool used by religions and governments in order to keep you aligned with their agendas to control your actions – to keep you powerless. Only you know your own personal God. That God is your best friend not your worst enemy.

Stop all the devil talk. The devil doesn’t make you evil anymore than God makes you good. A devil is created by you to lay blame on for your evil actions.

God cannot change anything about you independent of your participation.

While changing yourself, you’re changing the world.

I’ve evolved from the pebble in the pond producing ripples of change to the force that undulates the entire universe.

When you snuff out a life, you are claiming ownership over that life that is not yours to claim.

Owning land doesn’t imply owning the animals that inhabit that land. Just as each human owns themselves, so do all the other animals own themselves.

Black people are not the minority in Africa. African tribal Leaders are black, not white. So what’s the problem?

Why is it that when we hear somebody say something good about someone we don’t pass it on or tell the person complimented, but when we hear something bad we can’t wait to pass it onto everyone, even the one targeted by the smear? Again, I’ve never heard of anyone being hurt by a compliment, so pass it on.

Why are people who go to Notre Dame University called the fighting Irish? Isn’t Notre Dame French?

WORD USAGE. Why continue the prejudice of using the word ‘man’ to designate both men and women. ‘People’ and ‘humankind’ are accurate. Can’t let that go? Every news outlet in the world still clings to that fundamentally flawed principle of grouping all humans under the male race label. We hear it, then we repeat it. The people who write the scripts for the news control your prejudices. Are you going to let them? IT’S HUMAN-KIND.

If it makes you happy to call homosexuality or transgender a birth defect, go ahead and make my challenged by handicap day. In the USA you can’t discriminate against people with birth defects. ‘Gays…protected under law.’

All Gods support homosexual… marriage. It’s the peoples’ prejudice that doesn’t.

Be on the same page with your own personal God, which means be on the same page with yourself, even when in flux.

If you’re not living a prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter free life, then you’re enslaving the God that operates all the cells of your being.

Black (dark) people mimic white (light) people and vice versa. All people mimic each other. All animals mimic each other. What’s the mystery?

If Israel is the unofficial 51st State of the USA, then why are they allowed to have their own undocumented nuclear weapons? Do any of the other 50 States maintain their own personal nuclear arsenals? If the world claims that nuclear weapons are a deterrent to war, then why is Israel in a state of perpetual war? Why is the USA, that has more nuclear weapons than any other country, in a state of perpetual war if advanced weaponry is supposed to function as a deterrent to war?

Israel stole cement going to Gaza via humanitarian flotillas to build their Berlin walls and patch their nuclear reactors.

President Obama once demanded of the President of Turkey that he forgive Israel for murdering their humanitarian aid workers and quickly normalize economic relations with Israel. Oh, really? Why doesn’t the President of the USA do that with Iran? Maybe the Jews should forgive the holocaust against some of them?

The Jews (light colored democrats, republicans, libertarians and atheists) in the USA are ready to go to war with Mexico regarding the exorbitant number of undocumented workers flowing in over the border from all countries in South America.  Eleven million or so, moving around every town and city in the USA, undetected. 

Every minority movement has a business wing, a humanitarian wing, a political arm and a military arm. The military arm works in secret, like the CIA and Mossad. They’re the ones who instill terror in those they want to control, whether it be the masses or the elite.

The Hispanic/Latino underground network operates like the Jewish/Muslim underground network. They’re all connected at the basement level. They’re highly sophisticated and can make anybody do anything for any reason. They’re competing for a piece of the American Pie. In order to get at least an equal piece they need to get their “hands dirty” as Obama said once about politicians.

Israel stole cement going to Gaza via humanitarian flotillas to build their Berlin walls and to patch their nuclear reactors. Did I already say that?

The Dali Lama has approximately two million followers on Twitter, yet he follows no one. God on the other hand follows everyone.

Yahoo Green says, “beef promotes brain health.” The dramatic increase in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (spongy brain disease) coincided with the rapid rise in number of burgers sold at McDonald’s burger chains over the last three decades.

Just when I say, ‘get the old hard-headed stubborn people out of congress, the new younger ones come in and do what the old ones did – only with more energy and fervor. Putting a youthful face on prejudice and discrimination is even more repulsive than on an old face. Where’s the hope for a better life there?

Peace of mind more than rage is what motivates us to think and act in great ways. No matter how right the cause, peace in your own mind with your own self steadies you as you confront the ‘formidable foe’, whether it be an idea, a person, a group or a nation.

I am what I am at the end of the day – all things being equal everything changes.

The most effective personal way to help all animals, no matter what group of animals is your concern is to not eat or wear them.

Because I criticize what someone says or does, it doesn’t mean I don’t like them. Families criticize each other all the time, yet they still love each other.

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, died yesterday 5 March 2013.

Does reincarnation only apply to humans and who decides? Do you think that any human would choose to be reincarnated as any other animal knowing in advance that they’ll be enslaved, torture and slaughtered? 

The Dali Lama said that only he decides who he’s reincarnated as. If that’s true, if we decide, and given that we’re all animals, then all the animals raised for slaughter would choose to be reincarnated as humans, which means that at some point the earth will be inhabited by only humans, which means that if we still thirst for the blood we’ll be enslaving, torturing and slaughtering other humans for food, clothing, shelter, experimentation, sport and entertainment. We’ll develop a new hierarchy for humans – those we raise for slaughter and those we don’t. This paradigm will happen before Armaggedon. So, guess it’s all bad news – unless we stop the addiction to the flesh blood now.

WEIGHT LOSS. A dog trainer once told me regarding the excess weight of humans, “It’s just like a dog. When we want the dog to gain weight we give the dog more food; if we want the dog to lose weight we give the dog less food. We don’t put the dog on starvation diets for quick weight loss. We measure the food by cups. If too fat, fewer cups. If too thin, more cups.”

No matter what your food selections, less or more of any type of food will give you desired results. However, when feeding dogs, the caretaker controls the amount. When humans feed themselves, humans control their own amount. Therein lies the psychological component that defeats us.

If dogs had it their way most would be fat, since when given the option of more or less they most often choose more. Controlling your own impulses, given the banquet before you, is the key to your success. Discipline is required. But if you’re DNA already controls your impulses, then you’re plum out of luck.

If Israel is God’s only recognized people, then the Jews worship a prejudiced God that discriminates against all non-Jews.

We are all made up of the same multiple but different configurations of atoms.

Judge yourself with the same meter that you judge everyone else. Two wrongs don’t make a right and two rights don’t cancel each other out to make a wrong.

Many vegans are atheists yet most atheists are not vegans.

The best source of vitamin D is sunlight/daylight. Yet, the slaughter industry has convinced you that the best source is from eating animals who lived their lives inside of factory farms. Come on, you don’t have to slaughter a fish, cow, lamb, pig, chicken to get the vitamin D that you’re too lazy to get by going outside or to get via plant sources.

“Happy meat comes from happy cows”. Ever see a cow get slaughtered? If you call that happy, then you’re dangerous.

At the Culinary Institute of Art people wanting to be chefs master the art of dismemberment. Nobody does it better nor knows more about it via human/animal experimentation than the CIA.

One person can change the world no matter what they look like.

One being can change the world no matter to what species they belong.

One spirit can change the universe from beyond.

One rock can change the world.

One being changing the world possesses the power of many beings.

Principles of Peace and Well-Being: No prejudice beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Half of Israel has Russia as their homeland. Israel is the New East Berlin.

When an artist lives totally in their mind and not in the world that they’re recreating through their eyes, the art suffers lack of completion. Simple observation is insufficient to complete the task. Interaction is key.


Enlighten The World

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